Get The Care You Need With Emergency Dentistry!

Dental accidents can happen when you least expect them! Pennino Family Dentistry in Barrington, IL, is here to help care for your dental emergency with compassionate care that will protect your smile. Whether you’re suffering from a painful toothache, lost filling, or another emergency, our team is here to help!

What Issues Are Considered Dental Emergencies?

Here are some of the most common issues we care for when providing emergency dental care:

Who Is A Candidate For Urgent Dental Care?

Dental emergencies can affect children, adults, and senior citizens alike. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, missing fillings, broken or knocked-out teeth, or more, call us ASAP to protect your smile!

Contact Pennino Family Dentistry About Dental Emergencies Today!

  • Receive the prompt care you need
  • Prevent further damage to your smile
  • Reduce the risk of infection and stop its spread throughout your body
  • Benefit from tailored, compassionate, & expedient care
  • Improve your oral health for the long term!